A Timeline – The Beginning

13.8 Billion Years Ago In the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth.1

4.5 Billion Years Ago – The Solar System2has formed. Five of the six creative days of the earth is complete. At this point, the earth has a primitive atmosphere not suited for life and is covered with water.3

4.5 Billion Years Ago to the end of the 5th Millenium BCE – Five of the six creative days of the earth are complete.4

a. 4000 BCE – Creation of Adam and Eve. The six creative days are complete.5

a. 2350 BCE – Global flood. After the flood, the population began to spread rapidly through Noah’s sons Shem, Ham, and Japheth.6

a. 2250 BCE – Nimrod7 founds the city of Babel and Accad then gathers the people under his rule in defiance of God. God confused their languages and scattered the people all over the earth.8

Battle Xtra

Whether you follow the evolutionary or the creation timelines, these histories seem to merge together around the 2nd millennia BCE. At this time, there were many tribes9 and a few legitimate civilizations10 scattered around the earth.






Battle Xtra – Prehistory

Come, now, if you will, on a speculative excursion into prehistory. Assume the era in which the species sapiens emerged from the genus Homo and hasten across the millenniums for which present information depends for the most part on conjecture and interpretation to the era of the first inscribed records, from which some facts may be gleaned.” (Italics ours.)​—Science, December 30, 1960, p. 1914. – P. E. Klopsteg

Lucy1 did not keep a diary.

I will take another route in describing prehistory by studying the text written by observers of prehistory events.

They never did mention Lucy.