A Timeline: The Naked Eye Planets

Feb 27, 1953 BCE

The naked eye planets1 align within 4 degrees of each other.

c.1893 BCE

Babylon founds its first dynasty.

c. 1800 BCE

The Rhind Papyrus shows the Egyptians used unit fractions and created calculation methods for the areas of circles, triangles, and pyramids.

1792 BCE

  • Hammurabi becomes King of Babylon.

1770 BC:

  • Babylon, capital of Babylonia, becomes the largest city in the world.

c. 1750 BCE

  • Babylonian King Hammurabi, first to record a Law Code, dies.
  • It would be 3728 years before the release of VisiCalc, the worlds first commercially successful spreadsheet program.
1979: Apple II
1980: Apple III, TRS-80 Model III, Apple II, IBM PC, TRS-80 Model 2, Commodore PET CBM-80, HP 125, Atari 800
1981: IBM PC, Sony SMC-70
1982: Apple III, Apple IIe—VisiCalc Advanced Version
1983: TRS-80 Model 4 Enhanced VisiCalc (could use 64 KB banked memory in an expanded machine)


A Timeline: Oh, Hale!

July 2215 BCE

  • The comet Hale-Bopp passes within 1.4 AU1 of Earth. Hale-Bopp returned recently in 1997. The next pass of Hale-Bopp into the inner solar system will be c. 4385.2

c. 2100 BCE

  • Earliest known calendar. The Umma Calendar of Shulgi ( Babylonian) was a lunisolar calendar with years consisting of 12 lunar months.

c. 2000 BCE

  • The Egyptian Royal Courier system begins for the elite in Egypt. Messages were passed from courier to courier and would travel to the most distant parts of the empire.
  • Mesopotamians could solve Quadratic Equations.  ax2+bx+c=0
  • Stonehenge is believed to have been completed.
  • Glassworking appears.
  • The last woolly mammoth goes extinct on Wrangel Island.
  • It would be 3990 years before the release of Lemmings.

    Lemmings – IBM PC 1991


A Timeline: The Beginning

This is a Timeline of Things I Like:

  • Computers
  • Pop-culture
  • History of all sorts
  • Self Learning
  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Programming
  • Self-Learning
  • The Bible
  • Timelines
  • Just to name a few. 🙂

c. 13.8 Billion Years Ago (bya)

  • In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth (physical universe).1

c. 4.5 bya

  • The Solar System had formed; the sun, the planets, and the moon. At this stage, the earth was covered in water with a primitive atmosphere not suitable for life.2

c. 4.5 bya to b.4000 BCE

The six creative days were completed during this period.3

a. 4026 BCE

  • Adam’s Creation.
  • It would be 6007 years before the release of the IBM 5150 Personal Computer.


IBM 5150 Personal Computer – Aug 1981 [Public Domain]

Battle Xtra:

Come, now, if you will, on a speculative excursion into prehistory. Assume the era in which the species sapiens emerged from the genus Homo . . . hasten across the millenniums for which present information depends for the most part on conjecture and interpretation to the era of the first inscribed records, from which some facts may be gleaned. – P. E. Klopsteg – Science, December 30, 1960, p. 1914

Prehistory4 datings is just educated guessing, bear that in mind.

My intention here is not to show an exhaustive history of everything but only a history of the things I like…