It’s A Hobby & The First Simulation

By declaring this adventure a hobby, I can concentrate more on the fun of it rather than a hard, tedious scholarly pursuit.  So, during this past month, I have endeavored to weed out any irrelevant theory and focus on practical information that the hobbyist would favor.

The first issue I needed to settle was what programming language to learn, ultimately, I selected Python and BASIC. Python because of its popularity today and its ease of use and BASIC because of its long history. I will implement these languages right away to assist in other self-learning exercises. Other programming languages will be added at the appropriate times.

The second issue is how to make the blog more interactive. I have some ideas on this, and they are pending.

Lastly, I have decided to expand the scope of the blog to include the relevant pop culture of the times we are moving through.

Further, I am confident that the community at large has infinitely more Computer  & Games knowledge than I do so I welcome everyone’s input.

Simulation #1 – Real Time: Communications Technology – Early Mail – c. 2250 BCE

Pharaoh Pepi of Egypt orders his royal courier to deliver a message to Sargon of Akkad who currently dwells in Nineveh.

The letter reads:

Sargon O’ King of Destiny, I, Pepi, bid you greetings.

An artifact has been unearthed in Memphis and is most unusual. The writings upon the circles surface appears to be older forms of hieroglyph and Akkadian script. The third writing is unknown to us. We must meet, please come immediately!

And O’ King,

it moves…

By caravan, a round trip journey will take 122 days. When Sargon arrives in Memphis, perhaps we can solve this mystery.