A Timeline: The Naked Eye Planets

Feb 27, 1953 BCE

The naked eye planets1 align within 4 degrees of each other.

c.1893 BCE

Babylon founds its first dynasty.

c. 1800 BCE

The Rhind Papyrus shows the Egyptians used unit fractions and created calculation methods for the areas of circles, triangles, and pyramids.

1792 BCE

  • Hammurabi becomes King of Babylon.

1770 BC:

  • Babylon, capital of Babylonia, becomes the largest city in the world.

c. 1750 BCE

  • Babylonian King Hammurabi, first to record a Law Code, dies.
  • It would be 3728 years before the release of VisiCalc, the worlds first commercially successful spreadsheet program.
1979: Apple II
1980: Apple III, TRS-80 Model III, Apple II, IBM PC, TRS-80 Model 2, Commodore PET CBM-80, HP 125, Atari 800
1981: IBM PC, Sony SMC-70
1982: Apple III, Apple IIe—VisiCalc Advanced Version
1983: TRS-80 Model 4 Enhanced VisiCalc (could use 64 KB banked memory in an expanded machine)


  1. Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, and Mercury

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