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In the beggining God created the heavens and the Earth. – Gen 1:1

Science tells us that the universe began about 14 billion years ago. Genesis 1:1 does not elaborate on what means in which the universe started, just the fact that it did. Science and Genesis have no conflict here.

Good enough for me.

c. 4026 BCE

Adam [Earthling Man; Mankind; Humankind] was created.

Eve [Living One] was created.

A wicked angel tells Eve the first recorded lie.

Adam and Eve disobeyed God and was cast out of the Garden of Eden and from that point on they began to slowly die. Two Cherubs guarded Eden’s entrance of the garden so no one could take and eat from the tree of life.

The first prophecy of things to come in Genesis 3:14, 15

c. 3900 BCE

Cain slays Able. Later that year Seth is born.

c. 3090 BCE

Adam dies.

c. 2970

Noah is born

2370 BCE

The global flood begins in the fall of the year.


5684 years from Adam’s creation, the Philosophical Transactions of Royal Society (of London) publishes its first issue. Here is a snippet:

1665 first issue
March 1665