The game show Card Sharks is based on Acey Deucey and closely resembles the rules. In the show, two players answer high-low survey questions and guess whether the next card is higher or lower (with duplicates counting as wrong).

Acey-Ducey is often mentioned in the book series The Corps by W.E.B. Griffin, which is set in the Pacific Theater of World War II and follows the lives of a group of marines in special service. Griffin never explains the game in the slightest, but his characters are often playing it when they are interrupted by the war, i.e.,. Required to stop playing to perform some duty.

In 1978 a type-in program BASIC video game version was distributed via the book BASIC Computer Games.

An unsold 1985 game show pilot hosted by Jim McKrell, entitled Split Decision, had contestants playing the game Acey Deucey while answering general knowledge questions. Each player picked a card to share and had their own base card, and tried to fit a card in or bust the other player.



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