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However, if you go, you will be identified as uncool, not fly or dope, and definitely not 1337! 🙁







Things I like:

History, playing games, music of all kinds, girls over fifty, Torchlight I, II, maybe kinda III, pin-ups. Anyone who thinks farts are funny, teamwork, laughter, kindness, empathy, generosity, and those who never take themselves too seriously. 🙂

Things I do not like:

|\|0085, getting older, cold coffee, did I say nOObs? World of Warcraft, beets, boiled peanuts, sour pickles, those who hate, those who are uncooperative, self-centered, know-it-alls, and just plain mean. These kinds of people are not welcomed here.

b@771ekrYpt 🙂

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