This blog is about the history of software. It’s not a forensic study of software, I’m just putting it out there since I have nothing else to do. Just for the fun of it.

This site is for adults 18+. Not because we have naked people running around the house (of course there may be some running around if tequila is involved) but because my kids are grown and gone. That’s the way I like it 😉

Actually, there will be naked people. 🙂

Things I meditate on:

    • History.
    • Playing games.
    • I like to program some.
    • I like the 8TB of files I’ve collected.
    • I like pizza.
    • & music.
    • & girls over fifty.
    • & Torchlight I, II, er kinda maybe III?

Things I do not meditate on:

    • |\|0085
    • my 57 years on this little blue planet.
    • The war.
    • did I say nOObs?
    • World of Warcraft and the 380 hours playing F’n rouge.
Hi, I’m battlecrypt! & I’m old.