Battlecrypt Beginnings – 1964

Battlecrypt was born in 1964 in North Carolina. I am either the youngest of the Baby Boomers or the oldest of Generation X. It seems the latter since I was a 12-year-old latchkey kid, walking home from elementary school by myself and unlocking the door with my own key. I would then prepare a sandwich or two and watch episodes of Starblazers and Ultraman. Then, two hours later, my parents returned home from work.


Interestingly, the BASIC Programming Language was implemented on the Dartmouth Time-Sharing System on May 1, 1964, at 4AM. So BASIC would be a go-to language for me later on.

I moved to New Caney, TX, in 1980 and found this tiny town entirely out in the wilderness with NOTHING to do. So I had to get out of this place.

The school had an IBM and was teaching kids COBOL, and I was intrigued. So, needless to say, I learned some COBOL. But, still, I had to get out of here. So, I took 12-grade English in summer school and a high school government course from Texas Tech and graduated in 11 years. I was 17; it was August 2 of 1981.

What now?


I joined the U.S. Navy, of course. My mother agreed to sign the necessary papers, and on August 22, 1981, I was doing push-ups in Orlando, Florida. I spent the next 11 years in the U. S. Navy Submarine Force, and I  got very good at using BASIC on a Zenith Lap Top.

Now it was 1992, and I separated from the Navy to explore other options and returned to North Carolina. Over the years, I lost all I knew about basic programming and had yet to play any kind of computer game. Nevertheless, I found some great jobs, and I’ve been working to this very day.

I was heavy into BBSes at this time; I mean, I could download a FILE from far away or have a conversation from the U.K. on chat!

In 1999, I ran across an advertisement for the MMO Everquest. I got REALLY hooked, and I didn’t want to go to work! The guild I was in was more fun than running around naked, pinching girls’ bottoms! I still play Everquest & Everquest 2. Everquest has been online for 27 years.


What about all of the games, apps, and technology that I missed all these years ago? At 58, I should start finding out!

This is my attempt to catalog the History of Software from 1972 and beyond.



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A Fun History of Software.

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