Last of the BCE’s & OXO

c. 1700 BCE

The last species of mammoth became extinct on Wrangel Island.

910 BCE

The south-pointing chariot was invented in ancient China. It was the first known geared mechanism to use a differential gear. The chariot was a two-wheeled vehicle, upon which is a pointing figure connected to the wheels by means of differential gearing. Through careful selection of wheel size, track and gear ratios, the figure atop the chariot always pointed in the same direction.

753 BCE

Rome founded on this date, more or less.

490 BCE

Battle of Marathon.

125 BCE

The Antikythera mechanism: A clockwork, analog computer believed to have been designed and built in the Corinthian colony of Syracuse. The mechanism contained a differential gear and was capable of tracking the relative positions of all then-known heavenly bodies.

John the Baptizer born, Jesus born.


It would be 1953 years before the game OXO would be played.

OXO is a tic-tac-toe game that used one of the two displays of the EDSAC computer to display the game rather than the contents of the memory as was its purpose. The player would play against the computer which would play a “perfect” game. The input was given using a rotary telephone controller after which the screen was updated and the computer would take its turn.

Edsac computer where OXO was played. – Copyright Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge == Licensing == {{cc-by-2.0}}